My tutoring offer and aims

  • Twickenham based tutor, covering most TW postcodes, Maths, Science, Business
  • Long experience of on-line tutoring to U.K. and abroad though Zoom and Classin.
  • Maths tuition for GCSE years 10-11, also years 7-9 and year 7 entry
  • I tutor the three Sciences for GCSE (I have a Cambridge University Maths/Science degree) and also Business Studies ( I have an MBA)
  • A Level  for Maths, Business, Economics and most Sciences, ensuring smooth transition up from GCSE e.g. successful “Maths for A level Biology” programme
  • Successful tutoring over 5,000 hours, innovative materials, targeted homework
  • Full 1-2 year programmes or shorter for  Exams , Mocks, checkout tests
  • Specialisms include EPQ, GMAT, UKMT Maths Challenge, UKiset, Oxbridge science NSAA/PAT, International Baccalaureate, T-Level
  • Experience of 13+, and 16+ CE entrance exam tuition for international entrants
  • As an official GCSE paper marker I gained deep insight of examiner requirements
  • Involvement in newer Technical, Business Qualifications e.g. T-level, Entrepreneur
  • I coached business numeracy, data mining to big companies in Asia, Europe, U.S.A
  • As school governor I served on the finance committee, inspected science lessons.
  • Give education advice: Foundation or Higher Maths, Triple or Combined Science, UKMT Maths Challenge – Junior or Intermediate; Oxford or Cambridge University. 
  • Family business – wife Alison administrates, our son tutors KS3 Maths .
  • Equation: confidence + preparation = success

Call 0208 892 6943 or text/call 07828097028 for a free consultation
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Just two of many recommendations : “you added a huge amount of value and we are very grateful for the confidence you inspired in the kids; you did an amazing job” – G.R.

A massive thank you for the dedication and commitment you have shown . You are an amazing tutor who ensures you stretch your student to achieve beyond their expectations and (our son’s) scores are a reflection of your talent, tenacity, hard work and dedication. He has so much respect for you and we are grateful for all that you do” – S.W. 

I write the Mathemateer Blog;
for amusing and informative insights into educational topics and exam subjects.
I do on-line tutoring to students outside the U.K. through private arrangements and education companies such as  British Education, Cogdel and Connexcel. I publish my tutoring materials on Times Education Supplement (TES). You can find me on Linked In

Rick.Anderson tutoring is part of the long standing A de V Ltd IT and education consultancy company which Rick and his wife have run since 2005.

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