Fees and duration

The first two lessons will be arranged and invoice issued and paid before the first lesson, then provided both parties are happy following these lessons invoices will be issued a half-term in advance (see conditions). Payment is by Bank transfer. The fees are:

New pupils up to GCSE (current Y11 or below) starting starting up to April 2024 
£37.50 for a 60 minute lesson up to GCSE level

One hour is the usual length but occasionally a half hour lesson is called for (fee £20)

New pupils Sixth Form Years (current Y12 or above) starting up to April 2024 
£40 for a 60 minute lesson – A/AS Level, Imperial/Oxbridge PAT/NSAA entrance, EPQ, GMAT, IB

New pupils International all years from September 2023-April 2024
£45 for a 60 minute lesson 

Duration options: 

My core tutoring U.K. student hours are each weekday from 3.30 start to end 7.30 so 4×1 hour lessons i.e. 4 pupils per afternoon. So programme options include:  

Typically one hour long lesson per week with one or two in-depth lesson plan topics depending on what the pupil has most recently done at school or what test they are revising for. Generally every week during school terms, for three terms in year 11 GCSE, or full programme 6 terms over year 10-11. Generally matching pupil’s current school syllabus.

Targeted homework will be issued, typically past paper questions or line quizzes.

Weekly Build up to 11+ 13+ or 16+ entrance exams – typically 10 weeks

Concentrated blocks of topics, for instance algebra or chemistry, or for mock or exam revision, typically 10 lessons

Short courses available covering or test preparation or quick booster on chosen difficult topics, for example maths quadratic equations or physics formulae or business studies financial ratios. typically 3 lessons.

Holiday revision by arrangement, for instance in summer to ensure hit the ground running before new year or when I am full on normal afternoons.

Some lunchtime or morning slots are available for International students or U.K. A Level students who finish some days early.