Fees and duration

Fees: September 2016 – August 2019:

£35 for a  60 minutes lesson

The first two lessons can be paid on the day, thereafter half-term in advance (see conditions)

From September 2019 – August 2021

£40 for a 60 minute lesson

Duration options: 

Typically One in-depth lesson plan topic a week, every week during school terms, for three terms in year 11 GCSE, or full programme 6 terms over year 10-11

Weekly Build up to 11+ for Year 5 and 6 or just 6, prior to year 7 entrance exam

Concentrated blocks of topics, for instance algebra or chemistry, or for mock or exam revision, typically 10 lessons

Short course covering generic exam management and applied problem solving techniques, or quick booster on chosen difficult topics, for example maths quadratic equations or physics formulae or business studies financial ratios. typically 5 lessons.

Holiday revision by arrangement, for instance in summer to ensure hit the ground running before new year.