Numerical Reasoning Quiz

Welcome to your Numerical Reasoning Quiz

Please try and answer without a calculator if possible, but use a calculator if calculations are complex.

One point is given for each correct answer and you will see results and correct solutions and total score when submitted at the end

What is the next number of blocks in this pattern?

If I have £10 to spend, and spend a quarter on sweets and a half on drinks, how much change do I get? )

Rick is 1.8m tall and John is the same as Rick. Peter is taller than Rick. Carol is 57cm shorter than Peter. John is 45cm taller than Carol. What height is Peter?

From the graph , what is the percentage increase in Hare population between 1970 and 1980?

The total attendance for three South Coast football teams was 1,200,000 in 2018 and 1,000,000 in 2019. Using the Pie charts above how much greater was the attendance for Portsmouth in 2019 than 2018

From the table , showing which sports 100 male and female pupils play at school. What is the ratio of male to female pupils at the school, expressed in its simplest form?

From the same table, given you choose from the males only, what percentage of them play soccer?

Again from the table what is the probability given you just choose from the females that you will randomly select a soccer player?

A business sells two products and the units sold in thousands are shown above by year. Some financial details for 1980 are shown below. Profit is calculated as sales value (sales price per unit x number of units sold), less total costs. How much more profit was made in $ in 1980 for product 1 than product 2?

To paint a room, half of a 3 litre can of paint was used for the first coat then 2/3 of the remainder was used for the 2nd coat. How much paint remained?

A firm has a total of 160 vehicles. They are cars and lorries. The number of cars : the number of lorries = 3 : 7 Each car and each lorry uses electricity or diesel or petrol. 1/8 of the cars use electricity. 25% of the cars use diesel. The rest of the cars use petrol. How many cars use petrol? You must show all your working.

In Europe, Rick pays 27 euros for 18 litres of petrol. In the U.K., Malcolm pays £40 for 8 gallons of the same type of petrol. 1 euro = £0.85 4.5 litres = 1 gallon Rick thinks that petrol is cheaper in Europe than in the U.K.. Is he correct?

Ellie makes cakes in a restaurant using potato, cheese and onion so that weight of potato : weight of cheese : weight of onion = 9 : 2 : 1 She needs to make 6000 g of cakes. Cheese costs £2.25 for 175 g. Work out the cost of the cheese needed to make the 6000 g of cakes.

A sign on a motorway says the time to reach a junction 30 miles way is 26 minutes. The driver thinks they would have to drive faster than the speed limit of 70 miles per hour to do that. Are they right?

In a survey of 10 people their fruit preference frequencies are Apple 2 Banana 5 Orange 3. In a second survey of more people the preferences are shown in the pie chart below. Does the second survey shows a lower preference for bananas?

Does the data graph prove that the amount of salt consumed reduced greatly in the period shown?

A worker who has to work for 8 hours a day is entitled to three 20-min-ute breaks, and an hour for lunch during the working day. If they work for 5 days per week for 4 weeks, how many hours will they have actually worked?

Here is a table listing the percentage changes in profit from 2014 to 2016 for five different companies. Using the table, if company Q earned £412,500 in 2014, how much profit did they make in 2016?

The table shows journeys from factory to depot and cost per hour to travel. If a driver from company R drives at 50 km/hr what is the cost?

Using the same table, if a driver from company T leaves at 09.00 and arrives at 11.00 am what is their average speed in km/hr?

A service’s costs are shown in total for the hours a customer uses. How much would the customer pay for 8 hours?

A patient books 2 hours at the dentist . The bus stop to the dentist is exactly at their home but on reaching the bus terminus a half hour walk is needed to the dentist and then half hour back to the terminus after the dentist. Using the timetables, what is the latest bus the patient can catch from home to the terminus to be sure of getting home after the dentist for 3.45 pm?

A consultancy’s operating costs to turnover ratio is 3:20 each year. If the company’s turnover is £213,250 in Year 1, £268,460 in Year 2, and £328,915 in Year 3 what are the total operating costs for the three-year period?

Some of the countries in the EU are shown in the table. In 2012, Belgium represented 2,5% of the total EU output value of the agricultural industry of all EU countries. In 2013, the total EU output value is expected to grow by 15%. Given France is expected to increase its total share by 5 percentage points, what is France’s expected output value in 2013?